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Install our WP plugin

ThumbsUp Survey
April 14, 2024 • 4 days ago

Find out how you can install our ThumbsUp Survey plugin to your WordPress website!

Integration with Zapier

ThumbsUp Survey
December 12, 2023 • 4 months ago

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and over 2,000 others.

The Magic of NPS Surveys
September 19, 2023 • 7 months ago

In the ever-evolving world of business, connecting with your customers on a deeper level is the key to success. One tool that’s been making waves in this regard is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. What’s the Deal with NPS? Net Promoter Score, or NPS for short, is like a crystal ball for your business.