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Version 044 – So many new things!

ThumbsUp Survey
March 3, 2024 • 2 months ago

Welcome to version 044, our first major release for 2024. There are so many new things added this time, we can’t cover all details in just one article, so you’ll have to come back from time to time, and see what’s new! Open survey programmatically One of the first big additions, are options to open

Version 043 – provide an “other” option

ThumbsUp Survey
December 31, 2023 • 4 months ago

Welcome to version 042; this time we fix and improve things; also, we provide a new “other” option for the selection block: When the option “other” is enabled, the client will have one more option available: Clicking the “other” button, reveals an input field, so the visitor can add his own opinion: Besides the added

Check our Case studies

ThumbsUp Survey
December 26, 2023 • 4 months ago

Welcome to the interactive world of ThumbsUp Survey, where our demo surveys bring to life the diverse needs of different industries. Step into the shoes of a restaurant owner, coffee shop manager, spa and beauty services provider, or a lawyer in private practice. Each survey is crafted to address the unique challenges and opportunities of

Version 042 – zap the world

ThumbsUp Survey
December 12, 2023 • 4 months ago

That day, Tus saw the rest of the world and decided they are ready to accept his people. And he connected with the rest of the world. And the rest of the world was zapped by his presence. - Book of Tus, chapter 42

Version 041 – there be enlightment

ThumbsUp Survey
November 20, 2023 • 5 months ago

And people prayed to Tus for enlightment; Tus listened to their cry and offered the enlightment they've been asking for. - Book of Tus, chapter 41

Version 040 – forms are here to stay

ThumbsUp Survey
September 29, 2023 • 7 months ago

And Tus said let there be form; and there was form. And Tus saw the form, and it was good; and Tus divided the form from the rest of the surveys. - Book of Tus, chapter 40