Install our WP plugin

ThumbsUp Survey • April 14, 2024 • 1 month ago

ThumbsUp Survey fully supports WordPress, the open source publishing platform of choice for millions of websites worldwide – from creators and small businesses to enterprises.

Manual installation

To install our plugin on your WordPress website, all you need to do is to download the plugin from our website.

As soon as you download it, go back to your WordPress admin panel, the plugins menu and “add new plugin”:

From the next page, you need to click on “Upload plugin” and “Choose file” to upload the zip file:

As soon as you click the “Install now”, you will be informed that the plugin is installed and prompted to activate it:

As soon as you activate it, it’s ready for use!

Manual update

To manually update the plugin with the latest version, you will do exactly the same process as if you were installing it in the first place. The only difference is on the last step, the informational one, which will be replaced with the following confirmation page:

All you need to do here, is to “Replace current with uploaded” and you’re ready to go, with the new updated version!