Turning a Negative into a Positive

ktheohari@gmail.com • September 12, 2023 • 7 months ago

Surveys can sometimes bring less-than-stellar news. Negative survey results might feel like a punch to the gut, but here’s the thing: they can be your ticket to making things way better. Transform those not-so-great survey results into something positive for your organization.

Welcome the Feedback

Okay, so you got some negative comments in your surveys. Don’t panic! Think of it as a friend giving you advice on how to dress better. Negative feedback is like a guide pointing out where you can shine even brighter.

Find the Common Thread

One person’s opinion is just that – one person’s opinion. To really get the picture, look for patterns. Are there similar complaints or concerns that pop up multiple times? These patterns are your roadmap to where you need to improve.

Talk it Out

Don’t let those survey results just sit there. Reach out to the folks who gave you those not-so-happy responses. Have a chat with them to understand their side of the story better. It’s like getting to know the plot twists in a book – it makes the story richer.

Make a Plan

Once you’ve gathered all this feedback, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Create a plan to tackle the issues. Who’s going to do what, and by when? It’s like making a to-do list for improving your organization.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Transparency is the name of the game. Share what you’ve found in the surveys and what you’re doing about it with your team and stakeholders. It’s like having a family meeting where everyone’s on the same page.

Check Your Progress

Did your changes work? Keep an eye on things. Use follow-up surveys to see if the improvements are hitting the right notes. Be ready to tweak your approach if needed. It’s like fine-tuning a recipe until it’s just right.

Pat Yourself on the Back

When things start to look up, celebrate! Acknowledge the hard work that went into turning things around. Positive vibes go a long way in keeping the motivation high.


Negative survey results might not be the best news, but they’re certainly not the end of the world. Use them as a springboard for making things better. Embrace feedback, find common themes, have conversations, make a plan, keep everyone in the loop, monitor progress, and celebrate your victories. By doing so, you’ll turn those negative survey results into a launchpad for positive change that benefits your organization and everyone involved.