Version 040 – forms are here to stay

ThumbsUp Survey • September 29, 2023 • 8 months ago

Hello everyone! A few days ago, we upgraded our system to v.040 which included plenty of updates, improvements but new features as well.

Let’s take the most important ones, one by one:

Colours in Net Promoter Score

We will start with something simple and easy going: Net Promoter Score and colours. In version 038, we introduced Net Promoter Score, an important addition in the world of surveys, or in different words, the “crystal ball for your business”.

This time, we decided to give some extra flavor on it, by adding the option for using colours:

Although the option is disabled by default, we’re considering switching the default state to “on”, since the results are quite impressive:

And of course, this coloured NPS exists in Salesforce embedded chat as well:

Because life is more beautiful with colours!

Multiple Selections: Option for multiple columns

A new feature we are introducing in the “Multiple Selections” block, is the multiple columns:

By default, we will end up with the usual list of options:

From now on, we can have two or even three columns:

These options can give you more options, since there’s more space and the results can be much much better. For now, we suppose one, two or three columns. We haven’t created option for 4 columns yet, mostly because of the design we have; in the future, if we see that there’s a need for more columns… well, we’ll open on new ideas!

Mandatory field for all blocks

One major addition in all blocks is the mandatory switch. For starters, this field is by default set to “OFF”, so we won’t interfere with the current functionality:

In general, there’s no much for this field. It can be used mostly in the form view (see below more information) while in survey and salesforce view, the only field which can make actual use of it is the Text Input block; in case the switch is ON (therefore it’s “mandatory”), it won’t accept empty field.

For more information about the forms, see below:

Form view

Welcome to the most important addition in v.040, which could be considered even as a game changer: the form view.

“And Tus said let there be form; and there was form. And Tus saw the form, and it was good; and Tus divided the form from the rest of the surveys.”

(From the Book of Tus, chapter 40)

The form is same as the web survey, with the only difference that we have access to all options instead of going step by step; this option provides a different experience, and of course, is being used for different purposes:

In the form view, is where the mandatory options work in total. You have the option, when the user will click the “submit form” button, which fields can be submitted without a value; for the rest, the user will receive an error message:

Also, in the case of a form, we need to have a nice and beautiful way to show our selections, we hope you like the way we did this:

As well, we have a nice animation when it comes to the form submission. But let me share the whole experience, how the form looks like, choosing different options, tryin to submit an uncomplete form and at the end, managing to submit it successfully:

That’s all for v.040, we really hope that you will enjoy our new features and help you connecting with your customers a bit more. Take care!