Version 041 – there be enlightment

ThumbsUp Survey • November 20, 2023 • 5 months ago

Welcome to version 041; this time we are focusing on the survey report page, completing the information provided to the admin.

Detailed information per block

The first thing you can notice is that the button on the top right corner on each block, well, it finally works:

But, let’s take them one by one and see what kind of information we can have.

And people prayed to Tus for enlightment; Tus listened to their cry and offered the enlightment they’ve been asking for.

(Book of Tus, chapter 41)

Net Promoter Score

Let’s start with our star, the Net Promoter Score (NPS). As you can see, when we ask for expanded information, we have three options for a break down information: day, week, and month. These options are available on every reply, not only for the NPS, while the default option is always the “day”:

As standard, on each view, we have a short description on what the block is about (in this case, we’re explaining what NPS is all about) and the question we are asking.

Below, you will find a daily (or weekly/monthly) chart with more details. In the NPS case, we have the standard NPS score for each day, measuring the customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Find more information in our The Magic of NPS Surveys article.


While keeping the same layout/day/week/month approach as the NPS block, in this case, we get a 1 to 5 rating scale as a straightforward and efficient method for assessing the intensity or extent of a phenomenon:

For each column, we have the votes our customer gave on each star; on top, we get the average score of each column which is calculated based on the CSAT formula:

(number of 4 and 5 responses) ÷ (total number of responses) x 100 = % of satisfied customers.

This way, we can understand the different between two days having the same number of votes but different % in total, which day was more important.

Thumbs up/down – Yes/No

Both thumbs up/down and yes/no blocks have the same approach (actually, the yes/no block is a different representation of the thumbs up/down one):

As you can see, this is one of the most simple detailed blocks, since there are two only answers, positive and negative. And the column score is the average difference:

([number of positive] – [number of negative]) ÷ 2


When it comes to selection block, the view is a bit different, by the means that it’s not a stack bar anymore but a group of bars, representing all replies per day/week/month:

In the same time, we can see the legends with all the possible replies and for each day/week/month, the number of votes for each reply. Keep in mind that the list of bars is based on the latest configuration of the block; this means that if you decide to add/remove a question while in the middle of a survey, the results perhaps might be incomplete. So make sure you’ll set up your questions in the proper way from the very beginning.

We hope you will enjoy the updated dashboard! Happy surveying!